Saturday, April 26, 2014

Return to Kathmandu

In 2009, Steve and I did an adventure trip with The Rest of Everest podcast group - a trek to Everest base camp. I blogged that trip, and have always wanted to return to this area. Well, we're back! We are here in Kathmandu for a couple of nights before heading to Bhutan for a week-long tour - again, with The Rest of Everest team. Jon Miller organized a tour of Bhutan prior to this year's Everest trek. We won't be able to stay for that trek, alas, but we will enjoy visiting Bhutan.

We arrived in Kathmandu last night after two days of travel and five flights (Columbus to Minneapolis, then to Narita, Japan, and to Hong Kong. We spent the night in Hong Kong and then took two more flights - Kuala Lumpur and then to Kathmandu. We arrived at 10:45 pm and then had to go through immigration to get our visas. Spending the night in Hong Kong made a huge difference in how I feel this morning - just being able to get a night's rest before hitting the chaos of Kathmandu was a good strategic plan.

We awoke before dawn this morning with the noise of crows and traffic plus construction. We're at the Marshyangda Hotel again, which, this time, is under construction. The traffic noise brings back memories - constant horn beeps, lots of shouting as drivers are negotiating the tight streets and pedestrians. We'll be venturing out in a bit to wander around Thamel - always an adventure. I think I'll use the Fuji XE-1 while in Thamel - should be easier than carting around my Canon 5DIII.

I have to say that I am so looking forward to this trip to Bhutan. It's even more special given the reunion with our friends from the 2009 trek. John Colemna, John Ferra, and Thilo Schumann are here for the Bhutan trip. We've met Patrick and Christine already. The rest of the team arrives tonight.

I'll post photos after I return, but will try to update the blog as I can.

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