Monday, August 19, 2013

Dublin Irish Festival 2013 - Part 2

The weather was just about perfect for this year's Dublin Irish Festival. In fact, there was a record attendance at about 104,000 visitors.  Friday night there was a threat of rain, so it seemed as if attendance was a little light, but that changed on Saturday and Sunday.

 Slide performed all three days of the festival. This photo is from Friday night. Daire Bracken (fiddle) has a nickname of "Tigger" because he bounces around on stage all through the set. It's rare to get a photo of this man that isn't blurry. He's a great fiddler, so it's always a pleasure to hear him featured in a set.  All the band members are fantastic musicians. If you've not had a chance to hear this band, make sure you attend a concert in the near future.

 Late on Friday, people were not buying iced tea. The line was pretty deep during Saturday and Sunday, though.

Saturday features the Highland games. Where else can you see so many athletes dressed in kilts?

The Celtic version of shot put...

Brian Boru's Ireland is always a huge hit at the festival. This year, in addition to photographing the people, I did some still lifes of some of the wares and exhibits. 

These bangles feature a Celtic knot design.

Lovely produce!

Hmmmm, I don't think this is the right size....

Celtic canines is also a favorite area of the festival. I always enjoy visiting the dogs and owners.

Dublin Stage:

Manus McGuire of the Brock McGuire band.

Celtic Rock stage:


Celtic Rock stage:

Enter the Haggis (I love the name of this band)

Andreas Transø on the Celtic Music House stage. Andreas was a guest of Charlene Adzimas and Rick Nelso for their sets.  Not only is Andreas a great singer, he is a story teller and quite a versatile entertainer.

Liz Knowles from Open the Door for Three.

Changeling: Debora and Karl Colon

I always enjoy watching the sandcastle sculptors at work. 

The music vendors in the Cultural area always have a lot of people gathered round. I loved the late afternoon lighting on this set of uillean pipes.

The leathersmith's booth was a popular place, too.  I'm not bold enough for the fashion statement these ladies were making, but they seemed pretty comfortable wearing leather corsets and halters....

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