Monday, June 17, 2013

Observations from the Olentangy River bike path

I often walk along the river in the mornings before going to my office. Because I've been doing this regularly over the past month, I've become familiar with some of the people who have the same habits. I often see the same runners, bicyclists, and walkers along the path.

There are a few encounters that make the day start well.  For example, I've come across a runner who, when he's approaching another runner or pedestrian, puts his hand up in the air and yells, "High Five!" Doing a "high five" on the bike path with a perfect stranger will bring a smile to one's face. At least it does so for me.

I've also encountered an elderly couple from China. They sometimes are with their grandchild. The first time I encountered them, I simply said "Ni Hao" (hello in Mandarin). The smiles that brought was worth the encounter to me, although I wondered if it was because my pronunciation was poor.  This morning I passed them again. This time they said "Ni Hao" first (I do say it correctly, after all), and they again had smiles in passing.

Life is full of these little shared moments. Share a smile with someone today. If you're having a rough day, you might feel better afterwards....

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