Monday, April 22, 2013

Milkweed seed awaiting flight

Steve and I did our Sunday afternoon walk along the Olentangy bike path. The river level has lowered, nearly to normal, since last week. All the lovely ephemerals from last week are mostly gone, but the trees are in bloom, the violets are abundant, and I found some Dutchman's breeches in their last bit of display.

This is a milkweed pod, dispersing its seeds. I well remember catching these little gems when I was a kid. You are suppose to make a wish and let it fly away again. My wish for today is that we could see some of those good old days when there were no terrorist attacks with IEDs, government actually governed, people cared about watching out for those in need, etc., etc. Fly away little seeds. Grow into lovely flowers to brighten some future day.

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