Monday, November 07, 2011

Progress report on my #SciFund effort

Last week I blogged about the #SciFund project I'm participating in over at RocketHub as an experiment in crowdfunding science. My goal for the Catsnails project is $5,000 - a very modest amount compared to the usual grant proposal budget. Thus far the project is at 12% of the funding goal (thank you to all the fuelers!). There are only 38 days left to reach the goal, and the response rate has dropped off dramatically since last Friday.

Would you like to help? There are some pretty cool rewards for donating - every little bit will help - so please consider donating to the project. I'll be very grateful on behalf on the undergraduate students who conduct research in my lab. All of the funds raised will be going toward a project that is underway right now with three very bright undergrads doing the benchwork. If you could help spread the word by sharing the link, that would be a big help as well.

Here's the link to the #SciFund site that describes my project: Cats Nails - a parasitic plant of South Africa.

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