Thursday, March 04, 2010

Acer Embrace

This project was started in November 2009 and finished February 12, 2010. It was the most challenging piece I've done thus far - primarily because of the small amount of interior space, which made carving very, VERY! challenging. Photos are by Jerry Anthony Photography.

I started with a hollow form that 10 X 7.5 inches with 1 - 1.5 inch walls, and it weighed about 5 lbs. The finished piece has super thin walls - paper thin in many places and probably < 1/16 inch in the rest of the piece. It weighs 4 oz after all the carving was complete.

This is my favorite view because it gives a window to the interior space. The curvature of the "arms" is why I named the piece "Acer embrace."

This is the view that is 180° from the image above.

A detail shot. The wood is Ambrosia maple (sugar maple that was infected with beetle larvae).

You can see a series of progress photos on my Facebook page. This album shows the initial rough-out stages of the piece through the finished carving.

I also posted a series of videos on YouTube. I don't really have the ability to show this kind of work in a demonstration, but these short videos give some of the details.

Carving a hollow form - Part 1

Carving a hollow form - Part 2

Carving a hollow form - Part 3

Carving a hollow form - Part 4


Anonymous said...

so fragile looking -- how would you ship this? perhaps encapsulate it in foam.

Andi Wolfe said...

I have some ideas for rigging a shipping cradle. It will definitely be a challenge, but I've shipped similar fragile pieces successfully.

Anonymous said...

or perhaps put it into the middle of a plastic-bag and fill with foam beans; wonder if rice would work?


need an engineering student to do a drop-box test on it :>)