Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008 Ireland Trip - 9 Sep 08 - Part I

We spent the 9th visiting some of the tourist sites in The Burren, beginning with the Burren Centre in Kilfenora. There is a nice gift shop here and lots of information to learn. The water had just been cut off when we arrived and so the facilities were a bit challenging, but the people there were very nice.

There are some archeological displays in the building.

Most of this stop was for a visit to the Medieval church next to the visitor's center.

As usual, there is a mix of recent and old grave sites in the church yard. There is also a more modern building and the ruins of the medieval church.

These old church yards have lovely high crosses sprinkled amongst the recent grave sites.

These Celtic crosses have been there for a while if the lichen growth is any indicator.

This one has a lot of detail.

A tomb effigy from Medieval times.

You can see our wet footprints in the entryway.

The back yard of the grounds.

The view out the back gate.

The back gate. . .

The remnant of the medieval church is near the street.

The ruins are protected by a glass roof. This is one of the original high crosses. They were richly decorated with Celtic symbols as well as bible stories.

The bases of some of the medieval crosses

This one is very simple by comparison and it has mostly Bronze-age symbols.

One of the chapels

A close look at the arch detail

And some info about the high crosses.

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