Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008 Ireland Trip -6 Sep 08, Part II

From Dromberg Stone Circle we traveled west. I wanted to see the Beara Peninsula - just a relaxed driving tour of the Beara Way.

This is Bantry Bay. It was nice to see the blue sky reflected off the water with the contrasting sail boats.


We stopped in Glengarriff, which is at the foot of the Beara Peninsula.

The tide was out, which made for some great birding. Here's a life bird for me - a Curlew.

Mute swan

Herring Gull

Main route through town

The Beara Peninsula is beautiful.

The footprint of glaciation is evident everywhere you look.

Another look at Glengarriff

Low tide reveals a boat skeleton

Nice weather for a drive around the peninsula.

This was the sign at the tip of the Peninsula.

Across the channel is Dursey Island, which is accessible by a cable car. We didn't have time to do this, but it would be a great place to go birding.

Up the other side

Glacial grooves or just erosion?

Ooooh - aquaculture. I wonder what they're raising out there?

Our next destination was the Dingle Peninsula. We drove through Killarney National Park on the way over there, arriving just as the sun was setting.

This will have to be a destination for a future trip to Ireland.

Here are some view of the park from the highway:

My Wood Central sightings pic from Killarney NP

It was well past supper time when we arrived in Dingle. We stopped on the main road and had fish and chips at one of the pubs in Dingle. The pubs there were full of tourists. More on that during the next post or two.

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