Friday, September 05, 2008

Greetings from Ireland!

Michael and I arrived on Sept 2 - about 9:30 am. After sorting out the car rental, we were on the road south through the Wicklow Mountains and over to Arklow. We stayed at Koliba B&B for two nights - a lovely guest house and good for a base of operations to tour some of the sights in Co. Wicklow.

My favorite from this region was Glendalough - the monastary ruins. I'll have a lot more to add about this when I get home and process pics and can do a proper blog post. Until then, here is a picture from near the entrance to Monastary City.

There were a lot of intriguing ruins and graveyards to explore. There's also a lovely walk up the valley to see the twin lakes - remnants of the last ice age. The wall of the glacial valley is in the background of this photo.

I'm having a nice time, but it's a bit challenging to drive some of the country roads here. We're not taking in a lot of sights each day since Michael needs a lot more sleep than do I. I'm lucky to get him going by 9 am. Today it will be later since it's already 9 am and he's still in the shower. I don't remember if I was that way when I was young, but I don't think so. I've always been a morning worker and not needing too much sleep.

We're currently in Kilkenny and will be heading southwest this evening after doing some sight seeing around here.

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