Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birding at Whetstone park

The weather warmed up a bit on Sunday and so Steve and I took Emma on a walk at Whetstone. We stopped at the bird feeder to see if there was any action going on, and there were a lot of birds taking advantage of the nicer weather. I also tried out my new camera and lens - a Canon Rebel XTi and 300 mm zoom with IS.

Northern Cardinal

A pair of them.

Carolina Chickadee

White-breasted nuthatch

Chickadees putting on a display

This time of year they have plenty to say.

Red-belly woodpecker

Hmmmmm - the beavers are coming up from the river to munch on some trees.


Anonymous said...

could be my screen, but it appears that the focal point is just a wee-bit in front of the birds.

Andi Wolfe said...

It's probably operator error - I need to figure out how to set my camera up to have only one dot in the AF area. The pics that were taken with AF did focus on the feeder rather than the bird. The pics of the ones in the bushes I focused manually, and was able to pick up the bird rather than the background or foreground.

Thanks for the comment - I'll spend some time with the manual.

Anonymous said...

what incredibly beautiful creatures -- thanks for the pics

Andi Wolfe said...

You're very welcome!