Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Out and about with Graeme Priddle

Graeme Priddle stayed around for a week or so after the Turning 2007 symposium so I was able to spend some time with him doing non-woodturning activities. Columbus has a number of great art exhibits going on at any one time and October was no exception. I took Graeme to see three exhibits, including the William Wegman show at the Wexner, the Monet exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art, and the Contemporary Baskets show at the Ohio Craft Museum. The first two didn't allow photography, but I was given permission to take photos at the basket exhibit.

Here's Graeme at the Wexner Center breezeway. This is one of my favorite public art spaces on the OSU campus.

The Wegman exhibit was very interesting – a multimedia extravaganza with collages, decoupage, video, painting, and photography all part of Wegman's legacy. I always thought of Wegman in terms of the 20X24 Weimaraner compositions. Those were on exhibit, certainly, but I was amazed at the other work, too.

The Monet exhibit was good, too, but more of what I had expected as compared to the exhibit at the Wexner.

The Ohio Craft Museum exhibit of Contemporary baskets was interesting, too. I always enjoy seeing the exhibits brought in by the Ohio Designer Craftsmen.

Avis Unda by Charrisa Brock

Evening song by Renee Harris

Cascade by Carole Cole

Pot spheres by Suzanne Shafer-Wilson

Baskets by Elaine Small

Moving right along by Leah Danberg

Migration by Tressa Sularz

Vortex by Jo Stealey

Promises and Dancing by Carol Eckert

A view of the exhibit

Another view of the exhibit

Meditation on circles and squares by Joe Stealey

Existence 9 by Jiro Yonezawa

Red dots by Joanne Russo

I was intrigued by the buttons and beads on this basket.

A detail view

Quiet standing by Charissa Brock

I loved the use of the bamboo cross sections in this composition

Two sea forms by Wendy Ellsworth. Her bead sculptures are fun to explore.

Fast forward a few days to Saturday, Oct 20th. Graeme hadn't been in the states during our Autumn season and so I wanted to take him somewhere to get a sense of our fall foliage display. We haven't had a great year for foliage, but Highbanks Metro Park has a lot of deciduous trees so I decided to try that option.

It was a perfect autumn day - cool and sunny with the sky a brilliant blue. The trees were just about to their peak color, too.

I'll include a few of my foliage pics for you to get a sense of what we saw.

We walked the perimeter trails and saw the maple forest on the north side and then the oak/hickory/beech patch on the south side of the park.

I don't think this was too bad a display, despite our extended summer.

It was neat to see the sun shining through the trees - very peaceful, and it was fun to do some birding along our walk as well as taking in the colors.

Ahhhhhh - what a beautiful scene. We had a lovely afternoon and it was great to cap off this day with a fantastic chamber music concert at the Southern Theater. The St. Lawrence quartet performed with clarinetist Todd Palmer.

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