Sunday, August 19, 2007

2007 AAW Symposium - Part 2b

Friday, June 28, 2007. Continuation of Part 2 - more instant gallery pics for you.

Sculptural work by Ron Gerton. The one on the left is my favorite. It's really cool, featuring small bronze harvester ant figures "cutting" the vessel and taking the pieces down into the burl base. When you look into the voids of the base you can see the ants with the small vessel bits in there.

Curt Theobald is doing some very interesting segmented vessels. These have been cut and reassembled.

Leaf carvings on turnings by Dixie Biggs.

Classics by David Ellsworth. David pioneered the hollow form through a small opening. His use of material is inspiring here. These vessles are beautiful to see, but also to touch.

Ornamental turnings by Gorst duPlessis.

Cindy Drozda does the best finials of anyone I know.

Don Derry's work is beautifully colored and finished. At first glance you think these are made from blown glass.

Carved work by Neil Kagan.

Turned hats by Johannes Michelson. Deb Fanuli spoons are to the right.

Now, this was something I've not seen at one of our symposia - specialty-turned handles for art brushes. What a wonderful idea.

Some work by Larry Miller.

Beautiful! These are done by Harvey Fein.

Again, my influence is obvious. A collaboration between Bill and Diane Pottorf.

These interesting forms are by Bill Tilson. He's turned the pedestle and carved the receptacle to hold shaped slices of veneer that has been airbrushed with color.

Wow, Wow, and more Wow! Malcolm Tibbetts is one of the most creative turners doing segmented work today. You can read about this one in the next image.

Click on it to see the text clearly.

Another Tibbetts creations.

A combination of wood and metal by Dan Johnson.

Another one by Dan Johnson.

Some ornamental turning by Dewey Garrett.

Carved leaves fitted to a segmented vase by Larry Lew.

Classic Gary Sanders box.

This was a personal favorite - a combination lock box made by David Belser. I want one! David, if you see this posting, how about a trade?

A very nice rectangular bowl made by Jamie Donaldson. This must have been fun to turn - the long edges whipping around probably sounded like an airplane propeller.

Another personal favorite - combination of pewter and wood by South African turner John Wessels. You can read about our travel adventures by scrolling down to see my postings on "travel with friends 2007."

Jacques Vesery. The pallette used for coloring the vessel on the left is for sale . . .

Pat Kramer made this beautiful vessel - Norfolk Island pine, carved and colored.

A bronze casting of one of Trent Bosch's vessels.

Wood and bronze sculpture by Trent Bosch.

Michael Hampel

Molly Winton

Chinese puzzle balls by Fred Holder.

Carved and sculptural pieces by Keith Tompkins.

Another of my favorites - carved and textured hollow form in Norfolk Island Pine by Holland Van Gores.

More metal and wood - this time by John Jordan.

An Ernst Haeckel inspiration piece by Sterling Sanders.

Another carved piece by Sterling Sanders.

Nested bowls by Mike Mahoney.

Ornamental turnings by Joshua Salesin.

A suspended vessel made by my good friend, Dennis Laidler.

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